Thermal Ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons are basically polyester films which have been coated in different layers. These are used in several types of thermal printers. As soon as a thermal printer releases heat, the thermal head transfers this heat to the thermal ribbon.

Once these ribbons are subjected to heat, the ink layer gets transferred onto the label. This is how our comprehensive range of thermal transfer ribbons find their use in a variety of applications.

Applications For Which Thermal Transfer Ribbons Are Used:
• Cloth labels
• Direct coding
• Chemical industries
• Automotive industries
• Tags
• Multipurpose labels
• Healthcare industry
• Shipping and logistics
• Electronic gadgets

Choose any of thermal transfer ribbons in Australia from DFO labels and expect to get high-quality prints of barcodes. Our range of thermal transfer ribbons are hugely popular among our clients who are from different competitive industries.

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