Globally Harmonised System (GHS) Labels

GHS or Globally Harmonised System are basically used in several chemical industries for the labeling and classification of the different types of chemicals. It basically defines the hazard posed by every type of chemical.

In a chemical industry, providing the Globally Harmonised System labels is a major requirement so as to avoid any kind of mishaps. We at DFO Labels provide more than 10 types of GHS labels which can be used for a variety of chemicals.

Some Types of GHS Labels:
• Flammable
• Chronic Health Hazard
• Oxidizer
• Corrosive
• Explosive
• Environmental Hazard
• Acute Toxicity
• Compressed Gas, among many others

GHS covers almost all kinds of chemicals which are commonly used in several chemical industries. If you are looking for high quality and easily decipherable GHS labels, you should definitely pick them out from our stock!